Same Name

I am sure that most of us, at some point in our lives, just to wile away a hot, slow-moving siesta-ish afternoon, have tried googling our own names. Hoping to find bits of our lives floating around in cyberspace.

What we yearn for is an assurance that our lives actually mean something, that we are not insignificant (think Douglas Adams’ Total Perspective Vortex). Considering the fact that there are around 6.5 billion people on Earth (see, and there are definitely more than seventy sextillion stars in the universe (that's seventy thousand million million million), our odds of standing out from the crowd appear quite slim.

Google listed 5,570 pages on my search query. That took me by surprise. I have always thought that my surname was quite rare, thus, making my name unique. Apologies to the Lees, Tans, Lims and Smiths. There are too many of you guys around.

Interesting people who share my name, that I have found, includes a graphics artist, bankrupt lawyer in Borneo, Tai Chi sensei, dentist, con artist, accident victim, murder witness and shoe seller.

However, after browsing all these sites, I did not even find one entry (or scrap of information) on me. I do not exist! Invisible. Almost 30 years on Earth, and almost no one has noticed that I am here.

I’d better do something about this.


3 Responses

  1. when i google my name, only appear sim city haha…at least they name it after my surname haha

  2. [ephraim speaks]
    sorry… i’m not so free to argue with you… there are two sides on a coin… you have your opinions and i have mine… not happy? write to forum and complain lor…

    this blog is just a daily account of my life and that’s about it… if its boring then please don’t visit… i don’t care, really… if you think you can do better, be my guest… there are many better blogs and people than me outside… i never said that my blog is interesting… i don’t really care….

    thanks for your comments…

  3. Leave Rockson and Ephraim’s war out of this blog.

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