Drinking and a Rainy KL


Man, I really like KL after a rain. Everything looks cleaner, smells fresher – and you can actually delude and convince yourself that the environment is not as f*cked up as it actually is. I can happily go on my merry way, conveniently ignoring this fact.


Man, even the roads are clear of traffic. Usually during a downpour, KL's fine traffic police personnel will disappear from sight (Ding! It's magic!), causing chaos on KL's congested roads. It is as if they are somehow different from normal humans, we are waterproof and they unfortunately are not – they will melt if water comes into contact with their bodies. Ha ha ha. Wierd.

Anyway, I was at Barfly on Friday night. Skol is damn wierd – tastes like water with some fizzy god-knows-what. I miss my Guinness pint.


I drink too much… Tch.


2 Responses

  1. I miss guinness toooo

  2. Kilkenny, Tetley’s too… I presume.

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