Bangsar Pasar Malam


I am not really into night markets. I dislike the crowds and smells – however, the sights are something to behold. Flurries of activities, haggling and flagging… It's a great kaleidoscope of human activity.


Women have this strange tendency to love night markets. I secretly suspect that ALL women on earth love ALL forms of shopping – be it clothes, shoes, foodstuff, sundries. I have yet to meet one that detests shopping. When I do, that'll be the day when I stand on my desk with a cactus on my head, singing 'Wo Then Che Ni Hui Lai'. Odds are, I won't have to do that. Deep down inside their phyches, women are pre-programmed since pre-history to 'gather things'. Men hunt and they gather. Thousands of years later, little has changed.


I can't believe that they are selling fish here. Imagine the smell. Phwoar!


This is an interesting sight. Sticks of meat and seafood for sale. All you need to do is stick them into the boiling pots of water or peanut sauce and wait for them to cook. Voila!

Night markets are quite fun. Just don't expect me to get really, really enthusiastic about them though.


3 Responses

  1. ooo… me love night market!!!!! =D

  2. can you see two hobbits there? hehehe…

  3. yes.. i was just about to ask again…

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