Too Much of A Good Thing

I have always believed that adage that goes: You can never have too much of a good thing. Last night, my whole belief system nearly collapsed. I was at the KLIA Burger King.

Pimply BK staffer: Hi. How you do? [Comment: England very powderful (sic)]

Me: Can I have a regular Double Mushroom Swiss Meal, please.

PBKs: Er… Nombor ape? Makan sini?

Me: Er… Yang tu. Makan sini.

PBKs: Okay. Eching else?

Me: Yes. Can I have extra mushrooms too?

PBKs: ???? [Really long pause. A line of hungry and impatient people behind me starts to grow, as there is only one open counter]

Me: Faham?

PBKs: Err… Ya, ya. [Another long pause. Grumbling starts from the legion behind me]

Me: Err… Nak tambah cendawan. Mahu banyak.

PBKs: Err… Ok. Ok. [The crowd behind me has turned completely hostile, cursing and complaining]

Me: And an ice lemon tea as well.

PBKs: Itu kena tambah 80 sen. [All hell breaks loose behind me, arms and limbs flailing and flying about – kung fu style]

I hurriedly paid the fella and grabbed my food and dashed off to a booth. Safe refuge for a persecuted individual. Imagine my surprise as I unwrapped the burger. Wow! The burger is practically overflowing with mushrooms! It's as if PBKs stuffed the whole outlet's supply of mushrooms for the week into my burger… I am exaggerating, of course. But it really is a lot of mushrooms. Shed loads of 'em.


The huge mass of mushrooms have somehow overcrowded the taste and texture of the excellent beef pattie normally associated with the burgers from this fine establishment. Suffice to say that the burger, to my discerning yet finicky taste buds, tasted rather strange. There are mushrooms everywhere! In my mouth, hands and dropping from the sides of my burger on to the table. Arggghhh!!!


Regardless of all this, my faith in this wonderful A-me-ri-can institution has not diminished one bit. Maybe, in the future, I will ask for extra mushrooms, BUT NOT TOO MUCH! Burger King has the best burgers around. A certain red haired clown in a silly yellow outfit with red and white stripes may not agree with me, though.


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