Harry’s Cafe de Wheels


Heaven on wheels, a Sydney institution. Serves fantastic meat pies, hot dogs and mash potatoes. The highlight is the juicy meat pie served with hot mash potato and thick, rich gravy smothered with peas (it's called the Tiger, by the way).


Pictures are posted courtesy of the Crazy Raccoon.

Mmmmm… I wonder why they did not order the Tiger…


Pizza Uno


Ahhh. My second favourite Italian restaurant in KL. They serve good, wholesome meals at reasonable prices. They even do fantastic breakfasts.


My favourite has always been the Spaghetti Marinara with tomato base sauce.


Dunno why, but the place was always packed everytime I am there. Except today, when I decided to bring my camera along. Sigh.

I can tell you my favourite Italian restaurant, but then, I will have to kill you.