Es Soda Gembira

Literally means Happy Soda in Bahasa Indonesia, this drink is very popular on the Island of Java. Most would agree that the drink originated from Surabaya – the island's second largest city.

Basically, the drink is really sweet. Gives you a high like when you have had too much sugar and keeps you going the whole day.


The drink is easy to make. Mix ice, sweetened condensed milk, thick red strawberry syrup and club soda together in a glass. Stir and enjoy.

To really enjoy this drink, the trick is to ensure that you do not stir too vigorously – as the Indonesians tend to put waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much condensed milk in the glass. Just stir until you are happy with the sweetness level.





The capital of Bavaria is indeed a lovely city, especially in winter, when it simply takes your breath away.


Munich’s Christmas Market, or Christkindlmarkt dates back to the 14th Century. It can be found at the Marienplatz.


There are more than 140 stalls selling a huge variety of goods ranging from baked apples, roasted almonds, pepper nuts to wooden, carved toys and tree decorations.


The Christmas tree in the background is the highlight of the Christmas Market.


Oh yeah, I would like to add that I LOVE the German language. Sounds really funky. For instance, sorry in German is enshuldigung. Sounds a little like lau-lei-ah-gung. Ha ha ha.

Ausfahrt and krankenhaus is funny too. Means exit (for cars) and hospital.

Bolsterlang in Bavaria


Firstly, I would like to apologise for the long absence. I was on holiday! Much needed break. But now, I am back!


Bavaria is truly magical in winter. Lovely postcard-quality, picturesque little settlements nestled in snug crannies along the Alps. Cold and brisk air, mixed with heart-breakingly lovely scenery of evergreens, valleys, streams, mountains.