Es Soda Gembira

Literally means Happy Soda in Bahasa Indonesia, this drink is very popular on the Island of Java. Most would agree that the drink originated from Surabaya – the island's second largest city.

Basically, the drink is really sweet. Gives you a high like when you have had too much sugar and keeps you going the whole day.


The drink is easy to make. Mix ice, sweetened condensed milk, thick red strawberry syrup and club soda together in a glass. Stir and enjoy.

To really enjoy this drink, the trick is to ensure that you do not stir too vigorously – as the Indonesians tend to put waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much condensed milk in the glass. Just stir until you are happy with the sweetness level.



4 Responses

  1. it is like sirap over here? is just extra sweet? indon stuff where got nice wan kaka

  2. It is actually quite nice… Damn sweet, but interesting.

  3. Give u some high sensation. Malaysia’s variant…no where close to this baby…

  4. […] milk and soda water (although ours was pink, so they must do something else to it). We also read on Papayas and Dog Vegetables that the soda originates in Bahasa Indonesia and is a very popular on the Island of Java. The blog […]

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