Zushi – Cardiff City, Wales


Normally, I don't expect much from gwailo Japanese food. I was really surprised at the quality of the sushi at this establishment. Fresh and well prepared. Wasabi is as hot as it should be. Fantastic. If you are in Cardiff, be sure to check it out:

Zushi, The Aspect, 140 Queen Street, Cardiff, CF10 2GP United Kingdom.

Reminds me of the Japanese restaurant in Munich too. Hmm…

Cornish Pasties (sic)


Nice. Located at London's Paddington Train Station.


This is a Guinness and Steak pastie. My favourite. Look out for the Paddington Bears on sale too.


Note: I stand corrected on the pastry – pastie issue. Thanks felatiohornblower.



I love oysters from Selfridges of London.

The End.


Dim Sum