Nice fish. I like.



This is an interesting fruit. Blackberries taste slightly sweet and a little sour. Not as juicy as I expected, plus a very funky aftertaste. The little hairs are interesting too.


Not to be mistaken with the electronic gadget. Cheers.


Been neglecting my own blog recently. This is kinda due to my mounting pile of commitments and other minor distractions and irritants (i.e. work and reports). Was also rather swamped with my other blog commitments on Hantu Bola and ersians. Thus, I had little time to expound my really profound, nah, who am I kidding, shallow and rather confused thoughts into cyberspace.

So, in utmost humility and in a contrite spirit, I hereby submit a photo of my favourite sandwich for your viewing pleasure.


Martell Cordon Bleu


Hic! It's very nicesh… Smooosh and fragransh… Hic!