If you are as crazy about shellfish and clams as I am, you will understand my total devotion to this restaurant. They serve the freshest, tastiest mussels in one kilo pots (I kid you not!) for your dining pleasure. The mussels go with smooth, tasty Belgian beer – Hoegaarden, Brugs, Jupiler, Leffe, Duvel, Kwak, Kriek… Fuh! Even the names of these beers lead me to delirium. Heaven. Decadence to the extreme.

The entrance is not grand or intimidating. Very industrial and purposeful. It's red, by the way, so you can't miss it.


Step inside the small entrance, and your senses will be assulted by the facade of steel and glass.


The kitchen looks damn funky too.


Finally, the one kilo pot of mussels. Damn it's good. I wish I'm Belgian sometimes.


Words are insufficient when it comes to desscribing the pleasure of indulging in this heavenly dish. Too bad there's none to be had in Bolehland. I have to go to Belgo's everytime I'm in Old Blighty. More reason to rack up those MAS Enrich Points then.

Here's the address.

50 Earlham Street, Convent Garden, London WC2H 9HP.


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