Stories My Grandma Told Me

When I was a kid, my grandma used to tell me stories. Lot's of them. Thinking back, I am hit by the realisation that all her stories revolved around a certain theme. Poverty and starvation. I don't know why.

I vividly remember one about a poor family who had a painting of a salted fish hanging on the wall of their dilapidated hut. Because they were so impoverished, they could not afford to eat anything else but plain rice. At supper, whilst consuming their meagre fare, the family would stare at the painting and imagine that they are having salted fish with their rice.

One night, after a long and hard day, the little boy was having dinner with his family. He was famished, so he stared at the fish painting throughout the whole meal. His grandma noticed it, and without hesitation, smacked him on the head.

"Not too much. It's too salty," she says.

I laughed at this story when I was a kid. Then, the other day, Crazy Raccoon told me a story.

She told me that a long, long time ago, poor people used to eat standing – with one foot on a stool (or chair or bench, whatever they were using to sit on). The reason is due to the fact that they push their knees against their stomachs. This compresses the stomach and thus, they will feel fuller despite having very, very little to eat.

Imagine the incredulous look on my face. Serious ah? I tried googling for this, but came up empty. The closest I got was this website with information on the 50 habits of naturally thin people.

Let me know if the knee-on-stomach-trick works. Or if the story above is true.


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