Last Time Small

I was cleaning up my computer files when I stumbled across these pictures of myself when I was considerably younger.

bread.jpg  my-sis-i.jpg

Me with a piece of bun. And. Me and my sister, Muks.

Makes me realise that I am going to be 30 soon. Time really flies. And before you know it, you’re hobbling around with a cane.

My life changing message to all of you reading my fantastical and magical wonderful blog today is this: Pfffbbrrrrrtttt!!!

Thank you. Now, bugger off and work.


Smoked What?

Vince gave me this today. At first glance, I thought it was just a normal snack.


Smoked elk salami? With pork and venison? Wahlau eh. I wonder what it tastes like. On second thoughts, errr… Forget it.


This little hobbit seems to like it. I wonder where Vince gets these wierd stuff.

Moving On

I have now moved on. I was pissed, but not anymore.

I’ll just resort to peering at life mournfully from behind my cubicle partition.


This is what a broke person looks like. The repairs cost me RM1,375. Not like I need the money. Nah…

Do you know how many things I can do with the money? I can buy one of the following (and these are things that I need really, really, really desperately).

  1. One 30GB iPOD Video.
  2. One Sony PSP.
  3. Four Raoul shirts.
  4. Four Burberry ties.
  5. Twenty-seven hamsters.

I don’t need more stuff. Really.


Maybe I can make the money back by nicking more chopstick holders from Takemura and selling them at The Curve’s fleamarket. Hahaha.


I am pissed. Really.

Some useless chicken shit hit my car and ran off. No note. No apology.


There are only two types of people capable of this:

1. Irresponsible, selfish, don't give a damn types; and
2. Panicky, people lacking self-composure.

These people should not be allowed to drive. They cause accidents.

What I hate most of all is the fact that the mother[deleted for decency’s sake] did not own up. It's okay if he could not afford to pay for the damages. As long as I get a simple apology.

Is that too much to ask? Has our society degraded to such lows that ''sorry" is considered an obsolete and unnecessary word? Case in point, I was having tea with Seekarlui yesterday when an aunty with her kid bumped our table, almost spilling our tea. Did she say sorry? We got nothing from her, nada, zilch, a big zeerow. Not even a slightly contrite look. She just ignored us. What a great example you are showing your kid, auntie. I am so looking forward to how the kids will behave in the future with wonderful useless parents like this.

I am distressed. Who’s fault is it that my car got hit? Mine? Who do I blame now? Myself? Pah… I am going to wonder about this all the days of my life. Gee, thank’s a lot. Thank you for adding to the misery in my life. It’s not like my life is full of troubles, innit?

Bandar Utama. Well-to-do neighbourhood konon. Pah…

This episode proves to me that money, status, social standing are not in any way related to decent human behaviour. Apparently, there are asses living in bungalows and driving Brabuses too, so it seems.

Damn, I am pissed. Pissed, pissed, pissed, pissed to the nth degree. Damn kaulanchart angry.


Tottie is pissed too.


It's Flei-day! It's Flei-day! Let's go crazy today.

Seekarlui and her family have a Spitz. They sent the poor fella to the groomers and had her fur chopped off. For no reason. So kesian.

brownie.JPG brownie2.JPG

                Before                                            After

Which reminds me of my previous project pet.


Datuk's hair is longer. Looks better, the hair, I mean. There's nothing I can do about that expression of his, though. Heh heh heh.



Vince doing his Dr Zoidberg impression. Bwa ha ha ha.

Horrible Photoshopping and Funny Office E-mail Conversations

Siewks: Dear Ms. Superstar Celebrity Sue, it would be a great honour for me if, when you could take a minute off your busy schedule, you could initial your world famous books for me.

Crazy Raccoon: Dear One-of-my-adoring fans. Thank you for your interest in my autograph. However, you will need to provide me a book-signing pen. Otherwise, it would be a great pleasure to sign the book. A white-board marker will do…

Siewks: Cis… Funny how celebrities like you can’t even afford your own pens. Kak Siti’s marker is on my table.

Crazy Raccoon: I love you, siew kei… Really deep deep from the bottom of my heart! Smuak!

Siewks: Look, lets not make known the obvious, ok?


anttyk: Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! All for a RM5 buku latihan… Sigh…

Crazy Raccoon: Don’t make me shy shy la…hmm…I think I need more practice on the signature la, why like so uglee wan.

anttyk: Apparently, Jack is also a star.


elalim: His face seems to fit in quite nicely.

Crazy Raccoon: Y no neck wan?

Flirty: Didn’t know he got one…

Crazy Raccoon: Oh yah huh? Then why the face not green wan?

Yoda Jack: WOI, dun switch topics la. But, admit I have to Deloitte needs my face… Hmmmm think so, I do.

elalim: Jack…. Can pls don’t so perasan ah?

anttyk: Flirty Teoh is also vying for stardom.


Flirty: Wwoooiii… want to put also put a prettier wan maarrr…

anttyk: Difficult la darling… The other picture I got is even ‘better’… See?


Si Datuk Bulat: This picture “GOOD” oohh…