Odd Things About Me

This is a good exercise. Helped me discover some things I forgot about myself.

  1. I use toilet cubicles, never the urinals. Just shy, not an inferiority complex. I want to smack guys who cannot concentrate on their pissing. Their eyes would be roving around – the guy next to him, the guy standing behind, seeing who comes in the toilet, anywhere but on their own *beep*. Why?

  2. I like soft toys. Not all of them but some. Like the furry little dog my sis bought for me from Woolworths.

  3. Italian food kicks ass! The only Chinese food I REALLY love are Keah Meaan and BKT.

  4. Cats irritate the hell out of me. Especially the ‘miaowing-wanna-mate’ types.

  5. Unlucky numbers bother me. A lot. For instance, the current number of posts on my blog is 44. This is the only reason for this post: To make it 45. My phobia applies only to Chinese numbers though. I do not fear the number 13. Hah!

  6. I am terrified of growing bald. I am losing a lot of hair. Maybe it’s my diet, too much salt maybe?

  7. I use my thumb and my forefinger to hold pens and pencils.

  8. Chinese girls rule my world. Especially the ones wearing 'qípáo (旗袍)'. Somehow, my mind has been programmed to assume that all Caucasian chicks smell like goats. Racist, I know.

  9. I am very anti-McDonalds. The wierd clown's got nothin' on me. Even if I am starving and there is nothing to eat, I refuse to defile my mouth with the crap they serve there. This aversion started after watching the pseudo-documentary Super Size Me. Thanks Morgan Spurlock.

  10. I cannot stand Him Heang, Ghee Heang, what-ever-heang. Whoever invented this godforsaken thing ought to be shot.

  11. I cannot dance to save my life. Imagine Mr Bean and his swinging arms. That’s me. On the dance floor. This is why I prefer to sit on the couch and drink. Makes me look cool.

  12. I need 10 hours sleep. I can and will sleep till 1.00 pm or later on weekends.

  13. My favourite movie is Cinema Paradiso. Bittersweet. My favourite feeling. Just like the skies just before a rainstorm – grey and brooding.

  14. I suck at pool. Something to do with the fact that I wear glasses. Maybe not. I just can’t pot straight. Damn.

  15. Once, when I was a little kid, I lifted a girl (she’s bigger than me) by the collar because she teased my sister.

  16. My mum broke her huge sewing ruler whacking me when I was 8. Made her even madder. Ended up slapping me with her hands. I couldn’t sit properly for a whole week.

  17. I like stout. Preferably Guinness from the tap, not the Foreign Extra Stout nonsense.

  18. I asked my neighbour at work what weird things he noticed about me. “Just one?” he asked. Then laughed. Idiot.

  19. I sing weird songs. All the time.

  20. My mum bought me pink shorts and a matching pink shirt for Chinese New Year once. I was 11. I am still traumatised by this episode.

  21. I like to scratch my ear with my O2 Atom stylus. This is my latest addiction. Maybe that’s why I broke two of them these few months.

  22. I like a well organised mess. My room is like that.

  23. I am stopping here. Twenty four (shhhh!) is not an auspicious number.


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