Small Fish’s Bert


Thank you Bert's mum (Small Fish) for the picture.

Bert's mum: Bert has a new hat!

nijoos (aka horsie): Can u pls wash his nose? It's kinda dirty.

Bert's mum: But cannot turn back yellow wor.. Can u sponsor some new coloured markers??

[Bert's pupils are painted on using black markers.]

nijoos: God knows what Bert has been smelling all this while. Poor dude.

Bert's mum: Bert is now 17 yrs old laa. Even look at u… Ur skin also peeling la… How u expect his colour to maintain… So what have u been scratching all these while until skin peelinggggg.

[Getting personal, aren't we?]

anttyk: Do you hug Bert at night?

Bert's mum: What do u think????? kekekek.

nijoos: Oooohh.. Now I know why his nose is so dirtyyyyy. I don’t think she hug Bert using her hmmmm… Poor Berttt… Leave him alone la… He's only 17 years old… Hasn’t even reach puberty yet I think.

[I find that statement rather disturbing.]


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  1. I ma the proud mom of Bert

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