Women and Shoes

Where: Sungei Wang Plaza
When: Weekend, evening
Who: anttyk, Seekarlui, Eh Lee, El Dee
Why: Looking for football jerseys

El Dee: I really like the Holland football jersey.
anttyk: I agree. I like the England away jersey more. It’s a little expensive for me, though.
El Dee: I think it’s all right. At least it costs cheaper here compared to Australia.

[Screeecccchhh!] Everybody skitters to a halt.


Eh Lee: Wow. Look at all the people lining up by the wall over there. They resemble prisoners, don’t they?
Seekarlui: Yes. Why is that?

Our gazes meander slowly across the corridor… WOAH!!!!


Vincci. Shoes. Crammed chock full with women of all ages.

Sigh. I pity those poor boyfriends / husbands standing there waiting for their womenfolk to conclude their foraging. Judging by some of their desperate and haggard looks, they must have been standing there for weeks. With no food or water. Pitiful.

What is it with women and shoes? Women are addicted to the darn things. Essentially, shoes are just feet protectors. I don’t get it. To answer the question, I turned to Google.com.

Unlike shopping for jeans (which is about as much fun as going to the gynecologist), shopping for shoes is an exhilarating experience. Feet don’t have hips, feet don’t have thighs. Feet are our friends. – Kathy Gibson

Shoes are fun! Shoes are little personalities just waiting to be put on. Shoes can be instant sex appeal or instant comfort or instant glamour. Just add your feet. With the right shoes, you can slip on a whole new image…And shoes are fun to buy. You don’t have to diet to fit into them and you can sit down while you try them on! – Jane Eldershaw

(With shoes), you get to dream a little. And we do love it when men compliment our shoes, because it’s like looking right into our souls. – Laura Ball

I have learnt to never underestimate the power shoes have over women since.


3 Responses

  1. eh til when ar the vincci sales??

  2. Dunno leh mama.

  3. but shoes need code or not

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