Bla Bla Bla…

When I started blogging last year, people (who are these erm, people?) have often commented…

“Why do you talk about food so often?”
“Shouldn’t you be talking about what you did and stuff like that?”

I have absolutely no interest in boring people with the fantastic dreary and sordid details of my insignificant life.

But, since you insisted… Sigh. Here goes.

7.15 am: Wake up. Yawn. Stretch. Resume sleeping.

7.45 am: Gaze sleepily at my surroundings. Sleep some more. Ahhh…

8.25 am: Jump out of bed. “Shit! I am late.” Frantically put on clothes.

8.30 am: Reach office. Pant! Pant! Pant! The rest of the morning is spent surfing the internet and reading junk e-mail.

12.30 pm: Lunch with the Queen of England but only if I feel up to it.

2.00 pm: Nap time in office.

3.00 pm: Tea break.

3.05 pm: Chat with hot chick from ITS.

5.29 pm: Start working on report which was due last week. Give excuses to boss (swamped with work la, dog ate my report la, aliens abducted me and an*l-probed me la, etc., etc.)

5.30 pm: Ride off into the sunset with my trusty companion by my side.

6.00 pm: Twiddle thumbs.

6.10 pm: Talk to myself a little, pretend that my stuffed Bunny, Porcupine and Doggie can talk back.

7.30 pm: Pick at lint in belly button.

8.30 pm: Scratch ears with PDA stylus.

8.31 pm: Dinner of Campbell soup and crackers. If I am lucky, I may get some Marmite to go with the crackers.

9.00 pm: Take teleporter to Disneyland. Goodnight all.


4 Responses

  1. admit it la…3.05 is the best fengshui time to talk to SLL leh….next time i taruk some mini viagra on ur drink at 3.00pm baru tau…

  2. SLL?


    Thank you = tengkiu

    welcome = welcum

    “hepi fahler dey” = happy father’s day ( i try to imitate amber chia)

    “hepi mather dey” = change to mother

    SH= Sore High

    i will add more if AMBER CHIA got more advertisement from OGAWA

  4. Hahahaha.

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