MTR and Q-Bar

Earlier in the night – MTR

My department (plus some hanger-ons) had an outing last Friday night. It was supposed to be a farewell celebration for Anand and the Crazy Raccoon. Somehow, it degenerated to a weird psychedelic shag fest. No, not really.


We had a stripper, who insisted on keeping his clothes and refused to let go of the pole. Somehow, he reminds me of a koala bear.


The food was blardy terrible. Here’s what we had to eat:

Extremely dry vermicelli: Tastes like slightly burnt, badly conditioned human hair.

Fried pieces of fish: One month old fish cooked with batter made from play-doh.

Sandwiches: Okay la. Not enough, though.

Chicken wings: Small, dry and tasteless. Thanks Andrew for stealing one of mine. Heh heh. Bet you regretted it big time.


There was a magic show too. The show consisted of two acts. One guy with balloons and another one with card tricks. Balloon guy played with his, you guess it, balloons. Act was a little obscene though, much to the Crazy Raccoon’s dismay as she was the victim on stage. The card guy wore a slightly dilapidated blazer that was too big for him. I can still imagine the smell of mothballs emanating from the blazer. Eww… In 10 minutes, both acts were over.

What!!??!! That was it??? Man, we’ve been cheated. I want my RM35 back. To make matters worse, my stomach is grumbling.

Sigh. Let’s leg it to Q-Bar then….

Later – Q-Bar.

Ah… This place is much better. Apparently, there are two sections to this pub/club/whatever – one section for R&B and one section playing House. We wandered into both. The R&B section smells like puke. I kid you not. Yuck, yuck, yuck. Disgusted, we scrambled to the House section.

We had our eyes on this big, big relaxing table (and sofas) in the corner. Nice. The helpful waiter told us if we want that table, we are required to order (in Malaysian-speak ‘open’) 5 bottles of Johnnie Walker Black Label @ RM340 per bottle. This brings the grand total to an eye watering RM1,700 excluding taxes. Mch.

Forget it. We wandered around aimlessly before finally settling for a small table located near the entrance. Oh well.


The night was spent dancing, for some (like Max). Posing for pictures, for others. While the rest of us were busy guzzling beer.


One thing about beer irritates me. It makes you full like sh*t, yet, you don’t get really high. What a waste. Might as well just drink water.


Sigh. Girl watching is a noble pursuit.



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