Deep Heat

Who: anttyk, El Dee, Seekarlui and Eh Lee

Where: Ming Tien Food Court

Footie talk somehow shifted to Mentholathum’s Deep Heat.


El Dee: Whatever you do, make sure you never put it here. [Points to inner thigh area.]

Seekarlui: Hmm, I wonder what you were doing at the time.

El Dee: It’s very hot.

Eh Lee: Ya hor. Why did you put it there?

Seekarlui: Must be doing something kinky.

[El Dee smirks. Regret beginning to register on his face.]

El Dee: It’s very hot.

Seekarlui: So, did you sleep ‘kaki kangkang’ that night?

El Dee: There’s no use. It’s very hot.

anttyk: Hahahaha…

El Dee: Ooohhh oooh.

[El Dee’s face lights up.]

El Dee: Once I forgot I had Deep Heat on my hands, and… I had to pee.

All of us: Ouch…


One Response

  1. Apparently, the same thing happened to Vince too. Sigh.

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