In my life of pointless and futile pursuits, pool playing sits probably comfortably at the pinnacle, reigning supreme over all. Oh wait, maybe it's second, next to dancing. Yeah. That's it. I've been told that my 'busta moves' resemble a constipated monkey with a banana up its a$$ hopping around on one leg. It's great to have friends like this – who compliment and look up to you no end. Sigh.

Anyway, back to pool. I probably played six games. And… Lost. All of them. Even against my mama. She really whooped my ass. My mama is a hot chick pool shark.

Couldn't take pictures in Breakers. Too dark. I have always wondered why that is. Why must it be so dark? Better setting and ambience? Despite the sleaziness (dodginess too) of the place, most of us had an okay time. Jack had to wear my smelly old socks to gain entry into Breakers, though. The smart fella was wearing slippers. No amount of pleading could sway the bouncer-jaga pintu.

Siao Yue had a really good time. She was really busy with four other guys. Doing what? You'll just have to ask her la.


Lala's hot arms.


2 Responses

  1. practice makes perfect, son! kekeke.. of course “eat salt more than you eat rice” matters too.. grin..

  2. Cheh!

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