Debris, Junk and Surprises

There is one simple reason why I like messy desk drawers. Not just because it’s something I inherited from my dad. Man! His desk drawers are the stuff of legends and should be recorded in the annals of history – you could lose entire planets in them. I remember him on countless occasions rummaging through his desk drawer hunting for documents, as he swore. Hahaha. Great source of entertainment when I had nothing to do as a kid. My vocabulary improved too, as a result.

For me, drawer cleaning is like Christmas. Things I had forgotten I had are rediscovered, much to my delight.

Here is a list of stuff I found in my office desk drawer today:

  1. Lots and lots of old expired pills.
  2. Surgical Face Masks.
  3. RM100 worth of coins.
  4. Nail Clipper.
  5. Dory.
  6. Loads of old credit card bills.
  7. Used Airplane Tickets.
  8. George Bush’s Brains.

photo_0206a.jpg dsc01011.JPG dsc01013.JPG


3 Responses

  1. got brokeback letter frm [censored]?


    AT: Eh… Cannot like that la.

  2. choli choli, me dunno blogs punya rules n regulations hehe

  3. No lar… Scared he see mar…

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