Hot Pink Boats


Hot pink rubber shoes. Ewwwwww… Who wears these things?


8 Responses

  1. ahhaha..who is that.. apparently those rubber shoes is the in-thing in the states now..

    AT: Apparently, those monstrosities are Siao Yue's shoes. 😉

  2. Wah how fashionable….

  3. I never knew that the US is considered ‘the’ fashion capital on earth.

  4. It looks like those rubber tapper shoes in the 50’s… my great grand mother used to have a pair of those.. they are still in my ganny’s storeroom. Looks like i’ll have to go back to Banting to take it out to wear before it run out of fashion again….

  5. Well…..
    yes u better take the rubber tapper shoes out now!! Cause u never know when u will be too old to wear them…u know u aint that young anymore…if u wear it and some 25 yr old guy wears it..he he he ..makes a whole world of difference u know…25 yr old wear it – fashionable, 30 yr old – wah uncle trying to look young

  6. Eh, not hot meh the rubber shoes.

  7. It looks really hot to me. Sticky, sweaty and smelly… Yucks.

  8. made frm recycle rubber? frm thailand also?

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