Weekend: Curve Market, Kitchen Utensils and Nice Toys

This has been an interesting and eventful weekend. I went to The Curve, participated in a surprise party in my pajamas no less, had an interesting conversation and played with my 'preciouses'.

*The Curve*


I was at The Curve waiting for my sushi takeaway. They have an open market there. The chicks were definitely very interesting.

*Interesting Conversation*

Dragon Eye has just opened a new restaurant at Center Point Damansara. Today's opening day.

anttyk: Let's go eat 'Siew Loong Pau'. 

seekarlui: No. Cannot. Never eat at a restaurant on the first day of business.

anttyk: Huh? Why?

seekarlui: The utensils are dirty, because they have never been used before.

anttyk: Who told you that?

seekarlui: My mother.

anttyk: !!!?!!

Very, very interesting strange way of thinking. Me still scratching me head now. 😉


It's nice to have toys. Toys are fun. They make me really happy.



8 Responses

  1. wanna sell me the old HP?

  2. Pfffbbbttttt!! 😀

  3. apa macam?

  4. Heh heh heh. My hobbit is using the Atom now.

  5. ask u sell ur HP’s smartphone, u talk air/mr.kok to me…..u wan to try my shadow kick or not? or my long distance voice of horror…hehe

  6. Har har har. I am afraid of your ‘bakutehmouyengkiok’! Eh, when are we going to Klang? Seng Ko ‘lou dim’ us that day.

  7. that 2 5 chai always think hamsup things when we reach pasang territory….i tght how abt this sat since my bodypump teacher on leave..i can gasak more..

  8. Okay. No problem.

  9. i mew him first, c his mellowplane got fuel or not ..hehe

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