Surprise Pajama Party for Crazy Raccoon


7.00 pm: Welcome to the surprise party for Crazy Raccoon. She is going away. Sniff. Sniff. Far, far away to play with the koala bears and boxing kangaroos.

We decided to hold a surprise party to send her off in style – well, if you consider pajamas the pinnacle of cutting edge fashion, that is. Don't blame me, it's my mama's dumb bright idea. She insisted on the pajamas theme. I can only shudder at the thought of the number of people showing up in their birthday suits.

8.00 pm: Five baargers are not here yet, including the surprise girl. Lengus aka Cunning is already drunk and sprawled on the sofa. Mumbled something about Snake Wine(?). The soft toys are abused and scattered all over the place. All of us are famished. Where is the girl?

8.05 pm: Yay! Crazy Raccoon is here! Let's eat. Serious business here.

9.00 pm: Let's watch the world cup. Portugal vs Iran. Wtf??!?? Balak has no Astro? Oh no!

[Frantically surf TV1, TV2, TV3, NTV7 and Channel 8.]

9.05 pm: Give up. Turn off damn lousy TV. Adrian huffs and scampers off home to catch the game while we reluctantly resort to amusing ourselves with playing drinking games. Sigh. People who do not have Astro at home should be smacked on the head. They are banned from hosting parties. With no Astro to entertain us, drinking would be our only reprieve from the woes of this harsh world. And that's not gonna be good for our livers. 😦

11.00 pm: We play stick a card on the forehead game. Inro arrives. Adrian slinks back with a projector.

12.00 pm: Yay! We get to watch the Czech vs Ghana game on a projector.

12.01 am: Balak and Sanjiv pass out. We take funny pictures of them sleeping.

2.00 am: We all leave Balak's house. Poor Small Fish had to clean up the whole place as Balak has conveniently sneaked upstairs to his room and fainted again. Wuss.

2.01 am: Night everyone!


[Cheh! Where are the pajamas?]


3 Responses

  1. u forgot…turn off the TV was the crazy racoon’s bright idea la!!! she requested to have the TV off!!

  2. next will be a bbq party and i will make everyone wear beachwear..

  3. hey did u say it was my DUMB idea??!
    愚かな人 !!

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