Horrible Photoshopping and Funny Office E-mail Conversations

Siewks: Dear Ms. Superstar Celebrity Sue, it would be a great honour for me if, when you could take a minute off your busy schedule, you could initial your world famous books for me.

Crazy Raccoon: Dear One-of-my-adoring fans. Thank you for your interest in my autograph. However, you will need to provide me a book-signing pen. Otherwise, it would be a great pleasure to sign the book. A white-board marker will do…

Siewks: Cis… Funny how celebrities like you can’t even afford your own pens. Kak Siti’s marker is on my table.

Crazy Raccoon: I love you, siew kei… Really deep deep from the bottom of my heart! Smuak!

Siewks: Look, lets not make known the obvious, ok?


anttyk: Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! All for a RM5 buku latihan… Sigh…

Crazy Raccoon: Don’t make me shy shy la…hmm…I think I need more practice on the signature la, why like so uglee wan.

anttyk: Apparently, Jack is also a star.


elalim: His face seems to fit in quite nicely.

Crazy Raccoon: Y no neck wan?

Flirty: Didn’t know he got one…

Crazy Raccoon: Oh yah huh? Then why the face not green wan?

Yoda Jack: WOI, dun switch topics la. But, admit I have to Deloitte needs my face… Hmmmm think so, I do.

elalim: Jack…. Can pls don’t so perasan ah?

anttyk: Flirty Teoh is also vying for stardom.


Flirty: Wwoooiii… want to put also put a prettier wan maarrr…

anttyk: Difficult la darling… The other picture I got is even ‘better’… See?


Si Datuk Bulat: This picture “GOOD” oohh…


2 Responses

  1. Thank GOD that i was not involve….

    anttyk: Just wait a little while. 😉

  2. first time to your new blog tai2..how welllllcoming….

    anttyk: Hehe. Of course. I aim to please.

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