I am pissed. Really.

Some useless chicken shit hit my car and ran off. No note. No apology.


There are only two types of people capable of this:

1. Irresponsible, selfish, don't give a damn types; and
2. Panicky, people lacking self-composure.

These people should not be allowed to drive. They cause accidents.

What I hate most of all is the fact that the mother[deleted for decency’s sake] did not own up. It's okay if he could not afford to pay for the damages. As long as I get a simple apology.

Is that too much to ask? Has our society degraded to such lows that ''sorry" is considered an obsolete and unnecessary word? Case in point, I was having tea with Seekarlui yesterday when an aunty with her kid bumped our table, almost spilling our tea. Did she say sorry? We got nothing from her, nada, zilch, a big zeerow. Not even a slightly contrite look. She just ignored us. What a great example you are showing your kid, auntie. I am so looking forward to how the kids will behave in the future with wonderful useless parents like this.

I am distressed. Who’s fault is it that my car got hit? Mine? Who do I blame now? Myself? Pah… I am going to wonder about this all the days of my life. Gee, thank’s a lot. Thank you for adding to the misery in my life. It’s not like my life is full of troubles, innit?

Bandar Utama. Well-to-do neighbourhood konon. Pah…

This episode proves to me that money, status, social standing are not in any way related to decent human behaviour. Apparently, there are asses living in bungalows and driving Brabuses too, so it seems.

Damn, I am pissed. Pissed, pissed, pissed, pissed to the nth degree. Damn kaulanchart angry.


Tottie is pissed too.


3 Responses

  1. karma will take care of it. Shit attracts flies. The worst part is that the culprit is not necessarilly too poor to afford fixing the damages. Car insurance goes up when you get into accidents.

  2. use this =.=凸

    anttyk: I have no one to show it to… Tsk, tsk, tsk. Bad girl. Bad girl. 😉

  3. got bird flu or not?

    anttyk: No wonder I was making wantons all day long yesterday.

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