Moving On

I have now moved on. I was pissed, but not anymore.

I’ll just resort to peering at life mournfully from behind my cubicle partition.


This is what a broke person looks like. The repairs cost me RM1,375. Not like I need the money. Nah…

Do you know how many things I can do with the money? I can buy one of the following (and these are things that I need really, really, really desperately).

  1. One 30GB iPOD Video.
  2. One Sony PSP.
  3. Four Raoul shirts.
  4. Four Burberry ties.
  5. Twenty-seven hamsters.

I don’t need more stuff. Really.


Maybe I can make the money back by nicking more chopstick holders from Takemura and selling them at The Curve’s fleamarket. Hahaha.


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