Die Weltschale sein rüber.

The 2006 Germany World Cup Finals are over.

I miss it terribly already. I miss the late, late nights spent watching old movies waiting for the 3.00 am games. I love the solitude of the night. When the whole world is fast asleep, that’s when I come alive!

I was a bat in a previous life. I think. 

I miss the groggy buzz I get from not getting enough sleep, yet somehow, I manage to muddle through the day.

What I will not miss is Shebby Singh and Paul Masefield. Pfffbbbrrrttt!

I miss the peanuts, beer and junk food (wasabi nuts anyone?) most of all. They were my fattening loyal and faithful companions through these sessions. Now, because of all that nocturnal bingeing, I am FAT. I have put on 4 kgs this month alone! On top of all that, I am too poor to afford a gym membership, so I will have to find other ways to work it off. Something not too strenuous. Like watching more TV. Heh heh heh.

I will also miss the OSIM iGallop adverts. That chick with the cowboy hat was hillarious.

Here are some things I learnt during the World Cup Final last night.

  1. Thierry Henry should never play for France. Ever. As a French player, he sucks ass. Big time. He has done things I would not have expected him to do as the Gunner Captain. Diving. Feigning injury. Pathetic shots on goal. Lousy movement in the penalty box. It seems that whenever he puts on the French jersey, he loses his footballing powers – his sublime skill, touch, vision, everything goes out the window. I suspect that the FFF jersey is Henry’s kriptonite.

  2. Contrary to popular belief, Italian men can’t dance. They resemble bunnies on hot coal.

  3. The image of Gennaro Gattuso strutting around in his underwear is very disturbing. Very, very disturbing.

  4. Zinedine Zidane sucks at head butts. Everybody knows, for maximum effect, you should target the victim’s head or chin. Instead, he butts Marco Materazzi’s chest. And gets sent off. Dumbass.


Auf wiedersehen. Danke Deutschland. Für die Gedächtnisse danke.


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  1. I found pirlo very gay and gattuso little kiddy is cute

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