King of Fruits, My Foot

Superman and kryptonite. Bill Clinton and interns. Wayne Rooney and granny hookers.

We all have weaknesses. Even me. Sigh.

Mine are durians. I just cannot stand these things. In fact, I loathe the very sight of these abominations to mother nature.

And, durian season has just started. Oh frag.

Who eats durians? Seriously? What is so great about the fruit? The sewage smell? No. The gooey consistency? No. What then?

Imagine this: You are trying to swallow a HUGE chunk of yellow-sticky-warm-phlegm (too many adjectives, I know) half the size of your fist. And, you can’t get it down. You feel like choking. It’s stuck in your throat and you can’t breathe. This is how durians make me feel.

Even El Dee’s farts smell better than this crap of a fruit.


Photo shamelessly stolen from Suanie’s blog.

Disgusting, don’t you agree?

For added emphasis: I hate durians. So there.


3 Responses

  1. it’s an acquired taste 😛

    anttyk: Not for me. I’ll never get used to the soft consistency of the flesh. Even if I am stuck on a deserted island with nothing growing on it but durian trees. I’d rather boil the leaves and eat them than touch the fruit… 🙂

  2. It is the OX-taste! 🙂

    anttyk: Don’t think so… :p

  3. Antass, crap…its the best food in town man… Old man just dunno how to appreciate food delivered from heaven….


    anttyk: .l. Please refer to my dino post. Did it just for you…

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