Thai is such an interesting language. Not easy to learn, but sounds really funky.

Becky and her Japanese colleague, Suzuka (not a real name, story is true though) were assigned to work in Bangkok for a couple of months. So to make things easier for themselves and the locals, they attempted to pick up the Thai accent.

They were staying at the Conrad Bangkok Hotel and so to kick things off, they practiced pronouncing the word ‘Conrad’ with a Thai accent.

  1. Firstly, replace R with L.
  2. Then, replace D with T.
  3. Lastly, drag the last syllable in the word.

This is what you get.


Let’s repeat, this time try dragging it a bit more with extra emphasis on the LAT part.


Good! One more for good measure.


Wonderful. Let’s move on, shall we. I am beginning to irritate myself.

So one day, Becky and Suzuka were at the airport. They approached a girl at the airport taxi service counter.

Taxi Counter Girl: [In polished English] Yes, can I help you?

Suzuka: Can we get tickets for a taxi to Con-LAAAAT!

TCG: Pardon?

Suzuka: To Con-LAAAAAAAAT!

TCG: Huh? I am sorry, I don’t understand what you are saying.


TCG: [In perfect English] Ohhh…. You mean Conrad?


Damn malu… Pwn-ed by a Thai taxi counter girl. Hahaha.


One Response

  1. hahahahaha!! can imagine that few seconds kena pwn.
    Similar incident happen the time me in China. During one of the site-seeings, there is this guai lou walking behind me. Then, suddenly come one Cina-uncle, he starts talking to this guai lou, in perfect english, bla bla bla. Suddenly that guai lou read the Chinese signboard out loud, perfect mandarin pronouciation! There is a loooooooong silence.

    anttyk: Heh heh heh. 😀

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