Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

Amber Chia. Sure. She put Malaysia on the global modelling map. Sure. Those big fishy pouty lips can turn both adolescents and serious grown men into gibbering baboons and inspire not-very-clean thoughts.

Pity about her speaking abilities, though. Those lovely luscious lips are just not suited for oral dissertation and discourse.

Maybe it’s because they flap around too much. Like freshly caught fish. Hahahahaha.

I know. I’m an idiot.

I guess hearing Ms Chia’s bedroom voice would be an interesting experience.

“What it mine nimb? What it mine nimb, beach? Yeehaw… I wants to riding you like the Orseem Eye-Garrop.”

We both grew up in the sleepy seaside town of Tawau. But some of her actions make me wonder if she’s actually from outer space or a parallel universe. Or maybe Singapore.

Case in point: Ms Chia cried for four hours when she lightly scraped her shin during the filming of Trio in a Bed (a local drama series).

Err… Four hours? Mak Oi… Is that really necessary?


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