Errr… Hi.

We held a Hantu Bola futsal meet for the first time yesterday evening at Sports Barn. This was my first time meeting fellow bloggers, so I was a little apprehensive. Plus, I am basically useless at football despite playing the game this last 23 years. Must be my genes.

So, when you meet a fellow blogger, what is the proper to introduce yourself? By your blogger ID? Or your real name?

“Herro, I am asssniffer6967, how do you do?”

It felt really unnatural for me to walk around introducing myself as anttyk to everyone. My blogger ID makes me laugh sometimes. Yeah, I know I am old. Even my nick sounds ancient. I couldn’t do it, so I used the name my parents gave me when I was born.

I found it surreal calling my team mates by their blogger IDs.

“Pass spiller. eyeris, eyeris, cross the ball. KY shoooooottttt… Aiyo.”

Liverpool Fan in Blue

During the course of the match, eyeris’ name somehow mutated to Blue on account of his jersey’s colour. One of the most efficient ways to terminate one’s own life would be to wear an Everton jersey and strut around Anfield. Even eyeris admitted, “Damn suay this colour.”

The Game

Some football games are like epic battles, titans clashing on the pitch. The ebb and flow of changing fortunes driving and pushing the participants beyond their physical thresholds.

Our game was the exact total opposite.

Barely 30 minutes have passed and we were all knackered. Panting. Puffing. Gasping.

Hahaha. But it was a fun game though.

People Surprise You

Naz and S-Kay turned out exactly as I had pictured them in my mind. Let just say this. Naz is big. Especially when I ran into him. I felt like a fly hitting a solid brick wall. Splat! Mangled and broken limbs, broken teeth, spectacles scattered everywhere. Ouch.

Only Din is bigger. But he plays rugby and came to play in a rugby jersey. Wouldn’t want to mess with him. He looks like he could give you a choke slam on the futsal pitch with minimal effort and that would really hurt.

eyeris was a complete surprise. He turned out a lot younger than I expected and very, very un-eyeris-like.

The biggest surprise was when Suanie walked in.

Not just any Suanie, but The Suanie. I kid you not.

Appearances can be deceiving. The Suanie in real life (and in public) is quite different compared to her online persona. She is, however, the ‘Undisputed Ruler of Malaysia’s Blogosphere’. In person she is nice, quiet, demure and very reserved. Totally unexpected.

I was a quite nervous when I approached her. I scurried off the futsal pitch, and almost stumbled at the exit – and went to shake her hand and introduced myself. I was so tongue tied that I didn’t know what to say to her. I am sorry for stealing your durian picture.


Beckham, Del Peiro and Ashley Cole (I’m not going to mention Wayne Rooney, damn, I just did, didn’t I?) can keep their ugly, skinny WAGs.

When we played yesterday evening, despite us being quite crap, we were watched by S-Kay, scorkes and Suanie. Now that’s an honour.


8 Responses

  1. how the hell does one look ‘eyeris-like’??????

    oh, and nice meeting you too. you’re very un-anttyk-like’ as well. except for that toon jersey. hehe.

    anttyk: Errr… Someone older, Raymond Goh-ish looking with a little grey, maybe in their middle 30s.

  2. what? did you say toon jersey, as in LooneyTOON?
    well, his gf just graduated from kindergarden, so, please understand.


    anttyk: Pikpiakpikpiakpikpiak! Toon as in Newcastle United. :p

  3. I wish I’m not so shy. it would have been nice to go and laugh at you guys 😛

    anttyk: Hey… We are world-class futsal players! Just pancit easily only mah.

  4. Anttyk: How old did you think I was?!?!?!? -_-”

    Lily: next one you must come lar! 😀 😀 😀

    anttyk: Old. Hahahahaha. With tongkat.

  5. I once tackled a girl during rugby. I accidently pulled her shorts down at the same time.

    anttyk: That must have been some tackle.

  6. anttyk, how come never come over and say hello wan? 😛

    din, that’s it! never playing with YOU on the field!

    anttyk: Err… Me shy.

  7. Man, I don’t know what to say. You make me sound like a hairy blue ogre who is shy and gentle IRL who could crush your castle with a flick of the finger if I wanted to… It’s an honour, I don’t deserve half the nice things you said, thanks heh.

    Actually I didn’t know it was you. If I remember correctly, you quite cute hor hehehe.

    You are welcome to the durian pix 😀 Cyah soon!

    anttyk: 🙂

  8. ya man, i find it weird introducing myself as spiller too!

    so when is the next game?

    anttyk: Haha. Glad to find someone who agrees with me. Dunno when’s the next game… I’ll contact Naz and eyeris and see what we can come up with.

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