Top 10 Reasons Why I Hate McDonald’s

10. The beef is actually roadkill found outside the restaurant.

9. I was buggered by the clown and he scares me.

8. My McShit with Lies order has been rejected.

7. They don’t offer buffets or any all-you-can-eat deals.

6. I can’t really get squeeze through the tiny doors. Slight tummy issue.

5. Things will get hairy with the crowd there when they don’t get their caffeine and cholesterol fixes on time.

4. McDonald’s does not serve bananas. Like the one pictured below.

3. It’s extremely hard to differentiate McFingers and McNuggets.

2. The fries are fried in thick acne puss and facial oil from their teenage employees.

1. I found red pubic hairs in my Whopper… Opps, sorry I mean… Big Mac.


The picture of this banana serves absolutely no purpose at all. It’s totally meaningless. This banana belonged to Siao Yue. It’s broken and bent.

Some people like broken bananas, some don’t.

I seriously need help.


5 Responses

  1. You are honestly grossed out….

    anttyk: :p    It’s your banana!

  2. red pubic hairs? hairs? there was more than one? red one?


    forget McD already, i’m lovin futsal, when is next game? XD

    anttyk: Patience, my young padawan, patience. *pats spiller’s head condescendingly*

  3. dude, i think you’re a few bananas short of a split.i ‘m not marking u anymore in our next game. in fact, stay the hell away from me!!.

    heh. :p

    anttyk: Mmmm. I love banana splits.

  4. New look, same old lousey service. Talking to boyfriends, thugs hanging around counter, talking on cell phones, etc.

  5. Haha… bananas.


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