Thursday Afternoon

Sigh… It’s a Thursday afternoon. The sky outside is wet and grey, frail and sickly. The sombre atmosphere is not helping with my current disposition and mental state. I gaze mournfully at the pile of reports and paperwork stacked up on my desk like an impregnable tower of the deepest, darkest misery known to man.

My tea is cold, too sweet. The topmost layer of the liquid is starting to harden, forming a wrinkly skin of dirty brown. I poke at it with my finger absently. It appears to have the consistency of human skin, which is weird but fascinates me. The intensity of my physical intrusion cause ripples to form in the middle of the cup, spreading to the rims.

Damn. The tea spills over the cup and splashes onto the desk. This is depressing. My attention shifts to the incessant clicking of the keyboards. The monotony of the rhythm lulls me, taunts me with its temerity, reminding me that I am chained to my desk with nowhere to go on this wet and gloomy afternoon.

My eyes close. My mind starts to drift. The veils of darkness are drawn back, revealing a mesmerising and breathtaking vision. A beautiful green island stands in the middle of a clear sapphire ocean. Crescents of pure white beaches, tall palm trees swaying seductively in the light breeze.

The hammock I recline on rocks gently to the rhythm of the island’s heart. The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemmingway slides down my chest as I contemplate on the simple joys of escapism. A life that is free from worry and the complexities of living in this world today.

The sun is setting, turning the sky into a myriad of colours, crimson, yellow and purple. I watch the seagulls swoop and circle the sky, their mews echoing off the cliffs. I shift my gaze to the white morning glory creepers encroaching on the sparkling sand, shimmering with a soft, magical glow.

This is the embodiment of bliss.

Suddenly, my senses are assaulted by a series of ear deafening grunts and groans. My curiosity piqued, I peer over my cubicle wall and beheld my colleague, Pipi, snoring away, oblivious to the world, living happily in dreamland.

Oi! Sleep quietly can or not?



2 Responses

  1. tsk tsk tsk

    anttyk: Hahaha.

  2. the last Thursday was fun, heh?

    can give me sportbarn number? i’ll try to arrange next one.
    how’s that?

    anttyk: Sports Barn is full on Thursday. 03-79566869. 😦

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