Home Sweet House


This house belongs to Seekarlui and me. It’s under construction, and will be ready by end November 2006.

Can’t wait to furnish the house – plasma tv, nice comfy couch, pool table.

Can’t wait to do the renovation – plaster ceilings, eco tiles, cabinets, bath tub.

Can’t wait to get a golden retriever puppy.

Sigh… I am getting really impatient.


5 Responses

  1. congrats.

    why the gates ying yong colour wan?

    anttyk: It’s the latest thing with gates. Ying yong gates, hahahaha.

  2. i saw a transparent object standing near the window waving keris..who the hell is that guy! deng deng deng!

    anttyk: Oooo… Scared.

  3. hey, nice place, was suppose to be your so call “jiran tetangga” man..
    too bad i cancelled the booking….,

    anttyk: Pfffbbbrrttt… Singapore fella jangan cakap banyak-banyak.

  4. hey, i’m still pretty much a malaysian man… can never settle down in this GOD and Chicks Forsaken Country man…
    Malaysian Chicks more Power…..!!
    Food sucks… damn sucks man…

    Hokkien mee white in colour, Char Koay Teow.. sweet one… Chee Cheon Fun…damn, they use prawn paste… and worst of all, a disgrace to chinese… Satay Chinese style,…. with pineapple sauce and lets not talk about their Bak Kut Teh…. Still malaysia best…

    anttyk: When are you coming back? We go for piggy session…

  5. sInG A HaPpY sOnG

    anttyk: Raindrops keep falling on me head, Just like the guy whose feet are too big for his head… Lalalalala.

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