Bangkok Trip (Part 2)

Evening (August 4, 2006)

We check in at Conrad Bangkok. Becky takes Seekarlui and me to dinner in Chinatown.


We park our shapely starving butts at a roadside stall named Lek & Rut Seafood. It is interesting to note that there are patrons sitting at tables placed on the road proper, with taxis, cars, busses, tuk-tuks zooming by. It seems a little dangerous, as you run the risk of losing a limb or two just sitting there and dining, but it’s worth it as the food is great.


We stuff ourselves with the following:

  1. Mussels – cooked with basil and some garlic. Fresh, juicy and tender. Simply heavenly at RM6 for the whole pot.

  2. Fish – Steamed with chilli padi and herbs. Fantastico. Bellissimo.

  3. Barbequed prawns – Just right. Tastes great with the chilli sauce provided.

  4. Omelette – Ermm… Like normal omelette lah. I hope you weren’t expecting something brilliant from that.

  5. Tom yam soup – Really rich, spicy and hearty.

  6. Orange juice – Made from tangerines and not actual oranges. Found all over Bangkok.


We feel so full that we can hardly walk. We waddle and shuffle down the street and enter a quaint little shop offering sharks fin and birds nest soup. I don’t know the name of the shop because I am either spastic, or can’t read Thai. I prefer the latter. 

The auntie there speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and Thai. Woah. So geng. Anywhere in the world, where there are Chinese (and I think the Chinese race has successfully infiltrated every continent by now – all your base are belong to us), you will find these two things – birds nest and sharks fin soup.

We order some birds nest soup. It tastes like fermented saliva and phlegm – with yellow and brown bits in it. Just kidding. It is nice. Just like jelly.

Up to this point, I have to mention that I hear more people speaking Cantonese than Thai. It seems like Bangkok is currently being invaded by Hongkies. Even on holiday, these fellas seem very chuin. I wonder what it is they have that entitles them to be so damn snooty. Errr, aren’t you guys tai luk people since 1997?

Becky takes us to Vertigo located at the top of the Banyan Tree Hotel. The restaurant / bar located on the 61st floor of the hotel is open-air and overlooks the city.


The view is simply stunning. Totally pwns Luna Bar in KL. Very windy too. Which is very nice. Extremely thin people would have to be more careful up here though. Carry some rocks ke, parachute ke.

I order a gimlet. Seekarlui asks for a Thai Mojito and Becky insists on a Diet Coke (Apalah! Mana boleh macam ini?).

Tomorrow, we will be visiting the Grand Palace and I will be eating really wierd stuff. Stay tuned! Nyah.


One Response

  1. yeah, Vertigo is superb.

    when i was done with Vertigo, and wanted to take a taxi to Patpong, the Banyan Tree concierge was so helpful. They also provide a small card which lists all the tourist spots in Bangkok, so you can specify where you wanna go to the taxi driver.

    so convenient.

    anttyk: Thailand seems so much more advanced in terms of their tourism industry compared to Malaysia. The little things that they do actually have an enormous impact – like the little hotel taxi cards, the sawadeeka greetings, the service you get, the smiles… Sigh. I want to go back.

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