Bangkok Trip (Part 3)

Morning (August 5, 2006)

Waking up early in the morning is not what I do best. Arrrgh! Even on a short holiday. I hate mornings with a vengeance. Hate ‘em. Hate ‘em. With every fibre of my being.

I had to haul my knackered carcass out of bed and stumble into the shower.

Argghhhh! Water is cold la. Stupid hotel no hot water one ah? Oh, forgot to turn the hot water tap on. Silly me. Doo doo doo doo…

Scrub armpit. Makes farting sounds by cupping the hand under the armpit and flapping the arm like a chicken wing.

We have breakfast at the shopping mall connected to the hotel. Becky and Seekarlui have some wired black beef noodle thingy. Me, not feeling adventurous early in the morning, opt for a safe American breakfast. Actually, I worry about getting a stomach ache at the Grand Palace. Not very nice if I have to take a dump at the King’s residence la.

“Oi! What are you doing in my toilet?”

“Er… Sorry ah King (I am so jakun). Stomach ache. Heh heh.”

Grand Palace


One thing has to be said with regards to the Grand Palace. It is colourful and huge. Did I mention huge? It really is. And gold. Did I mention gold? Oh, yes I did. Huge gold thingy. The myriad of kaleidoscopic colours overwhelms my senses.


The complex is sprawling and there are photo opportunities on virtually every nook and every granny, I mean cranny.


I really dig the statues. Seekarlui is really cute.

We wander around the place doing Japanese tourist-y stuff. Snapping pictures like there is no tomorrow.


The royal guards are impressive in white. Except for the Tiger Brand torchlights they carry behind them. What are the torchlights for? It’s daytime. The Grand Palace also can have electricity cuts one ah? Maybe the King forgot to pay his electricity bill.

Oh yeah, before I forget, if you are planning to go to the Grand Palace, remember to wear clothes that cover your arms and legs. Applies to both guys and girls.

Reclining Buddha (Wat Po)

I stand there and gape at the gigantic bronze reclining statue. The little pinky is bigger than the upper half of my body.


Afternoon (August 5, 2006)


If you thought that Petaling Street is big and the definitive street market, you have to go here. This place shames Petaling Street. It is 50 times bigger, has more variety, cheaper stuff, in fact, they say you can find anything in Chatuchak with the exception of elephants.


Becky, Seekarlui and me walk every where. It’s hot and stuff but interesting. I hate crowds and heat – but I have to admit, Chatuchak is absorbing and engaging. The sights and sounds are strangely familiar, yet different.

Evening (August 5, 2006)


As we are leaving Chatuchak, Seekarlui spots a peddler with strange glass-like box with brownish things inside. We move nearer to get a closer look.


WAH! Bugs. Fried somemore. I have to try it. I buy a bag for 20 baht. So cheap.


Hi. This is me. Eating bugs. I really hope I survive this. To find out, stay tuned!


8 Responses

  1. Does the bug taste good? actually, got taste ornot?
    My friend tried it and I heard the big crunchy sound as if eating chips.

  2. The maggots taste like peanuts. The grasshoppers are crunchy and quite tasty. Crickets taste funky though.

  3. eeewww… u can enter Fear Factor already 😛

    anttyk: Yuck… Cow brains and testicles? Yuck, yuck, yuck. Xp

  4. Fear Factor eat them raaaaaaaaw~~~~

  5. Seekarlui carrying big small bags ar….

    anttyk: Didn’t buy much stuff. Just some souvenirs and bugs.

  6. btw, were there many people buying bugs too?

    anttyk: Only two or three fellas. The Thais love the stuff but apparently, the bugs are not very good for your health. Cholesterol, you see.

  7. ooooo… so, sounds more like a snack.
    my friend who ate them said that they are nutritious on the other hand. And, she even stored some in the fridge, ready to serve!

    anttyk: That must have been some funky fridge. XD

  8. given another chance, would you have grasshopper again?

    anttyk: Not really. Once is enough, for the experience and bragging rights.

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