Bangkok Trip (Part 4)

Morning (August 6, 2006)

What’s that sound? Arrghhh. Beep, beep, beep. It’s only 5.50 am. *covers head with pillow*

Urgh. Almost forgot. Have to catch a tour to Bangkok’s floating market. Tour starts at 6.45 am. It’s too early. Too damn early. I am going to be grumpy and not very nice company for the rest of the day. Hmmph!

Becky, Seekarlui and I get ready in time. We stand shivering in the cold, morning air outside the hotel. The bus is late. About 20 minutes.

Floating Market

On the way to the floating market, the tour bus stops at a coconut farm. I have never been to a coconut farm before, nor seen a coconut tree. What amazed me the most was how they made palm sugar by extracting the sap from the coconut palm flowers and boiling it. Wow. I was also really fascinated watching the tour guide scrape an old coconut on a rusty scraping tool. *huge applause*

I is kambing from the Malaysia. My grandpa has a coconut plantation. Monkeys? Pah! I can climb coconut trees faster than them. Maybe not now… Because hampered by a slight ‘tummy’ issue. Okay lah, it’s really huge. Bleh.


Finally, we reach the floating market. We take a speedboat and swoosh past the village houses on stilts. I noticed that the people here actually use the really brown and muddy water from the river for everything. Washing, cooking, drinking, bathing. I wonder where all the human waste is channelled to. I must say the locals have very tough and resilient stomachs.

We switch to a sampan skippered by a middle-aged auntie. It’s kinda scary as the sampan rocks a little too much for my liking. Okay lah, I am a bit chicken.


The floating market is a great experience. You can observe traders and shoppers paddle and haggle prices at the same time. The marketplace is jammed up with boats laden with produce, fruits, vegetables, handicrafts, cooked food, kitsch (the inevitable tacky tourist cheating thingies) and tourists.

Oh, and one incident stands out. We are violently hit by another boat from behind. Our sampan tips to the side. We nearly join the fishes in the river. Murky river water splashes into the sampan. My whole left side is wet. Me not happy. Taking a swim in the river would be a very expensive excursion. I had my digital camera, PDA phone (my precious) and non-water proof wallet with me. The boat stays afloat, much to my relief. Phew!


The return trip to Bangkok is the embodiment of torture – like going to purgatory. The arduous journey coupled with the fact that I am tired, grumpy for the lack of sleep is not helping things. And to make things worse, the tour bus driver decides to make totally pointless stops along the way.

  • Elephant ride for 500 baht.

  • Cobra show.

  • Woodcarving showroom.

Fucker. I have seen millions of elephants. I hate snakes like nothing else on earth. I don’t understand why God created snakes. Snakes are totally pointless. Yeah. Woodcarving really turns me on. Makes me light up like a Christmas tree. Machaohai.

Damn tired and grumpy.

Afternoon (August 6, 2006)

Siam Paragon

This the place to shop for genuine high end stuff in Bangkok. Nice, reminds me of KLCC, only bigger and nicer. The foodcourt is really something else. Took Becky, Seekarlui and me 15 minutes just to walk around the humongous place.

I am a poor cash-strapped underpaid office grunt, so I can only look longingly at the extravagant stuff on display. No money, go buy some windows.

Health Land – Spa and Massage

Okay, I have to admit it. I am a wuss. I have never been to a massage. Ever. I am too ticklish. But Becky says, “Die, die also must go try a traditional Thai massage.”

So, she drags us to the place. It’s very is the big oh. Many stories. Like hotel.

450 baht for a two hour session is a real steal.

I never laughed so hard in my life. For thirty minutes, the masseur was tickling my feet. Beh tahan. Seekarlui also goleking around. Cannot tahan also. Becky really loved it though.

“So damn satisfied. Huh. Damn nice.”

I am now beginning to understand why people are addicted to massages. I feel relaxed and tension-less.

Money well spent, I must say.

Evening (August 6, 2006)

The Dome – Sirocco


After our dinner at Lek & Rut Seafood (again), Becky takes us to The Dome at State Tower. This place is named Sirocco and similar to Vertigo, and popular with the locals. The local guys, apparently, love to use the place as a setting for making marriage proposals.

“Will you marry me?”


“Why? Okay, I jump.”

“No, no don’t.”

“I really will jump.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll marry you. Sigh.”

Hahaha. Seems a good tactic.


This place is stunning as well. Well worth a visit.


3 Responses

  1. The massage place is called Health Land? Is it in Bangkok?

    will try that when I go again.

    anttyk: It looks very exclusive. Here’s a link for Health Land (with address and phone number). Very worth it.

  2. got see ah kua show or not?

    anttyk: Nope. Not popular in Bangkok apparently.

  3. How’s food in Sirocco? Expensive?

    anttyk: Drinks are very, very expensive. *pengsan*

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