Me not old, okay?

Note: Suanie beat me to the punch on this one. As I have already wasted precious grey matter on this dunnowhatsit, might as well post it up.




Anyway, I get asked this question a lot nowsadays. I mean really, really A LOT.

“So, when are you getting married?”

Why? Why? Is it because I am OLLLLDDDDD?

This impending spectre of doom led me to wonder (empty noggin and all). What is the appropriate age to tie the knot and get hitched?

I am sure we all have our own opinions, based on our own personal experiences.

Let’s find out shall we?

Here is an extract taken from the United Nations’ Population Division Report issued in 2000 based on various censuses taken.


[SMAM – Singulate mean age at marriage]

The population and housing census conducted in 2000 by the Malaysian Department of Statistics revealed the following:

“A comparison among the three main ethnic groups at the Malaysia level showed that the mean age at first marriage for males is highest for Chinese (30.6 years), followed by Indians (28.8 years) and Bumiputera (27.8 years). This pattern of age at first marriage among the ethnic groups was similarly observed for females whereby the highest was recorded for the Chinese (27.0 years), followed by the Indians (25.4 years) and Bumiputera (24.5 years).”

Wow. Malaysian’s are tying the knot much, much later than I expected.

So, for all you people out there: Don’t ask me when I am getting married! 😦

I am still YOUNG. I am still fucking YOUNG. I. Am. Still. Young.



8 Responses

  1. keep telling urself that 😀

    anttyk: I am. It’s my mantra.

  2. eh but you are more than 30 years old.. u should be more married than anyone.. when are u going to have kids (without getting married)?

    anttyk: OIK! I have to set this straight. I am not 30 yet.

  3. this year 30 right?

    anttyk: *meekly* Nine more days. 😦

  4. hahahahahaha! 30 years old this year! muahahahahah!

    I’m 23. This year. Heh.

    anttyk: Very funny. I dunno lah. That other day, I was playing futsal with some friends I had just met. There was this big strapping lad who looked impressive physically. Must be damn fit, I thought to myself. Plays rugby too… Oooo… Hmmm… Impressive. Five minutes into the game, I noticed that my team was one man short. Ah, the big strapping lad’s missing. I wonder where he went?

    Aha! There he is! Sitting outside the pitch, panting really hard. 5 minutes was how long he lasted. Muahahahaha! Some (almost) three decade old bugger kicked your ass big time! :p

  5. As per ur reply to Din’s comment, U admit that u r OLD…… muahahahahahahahahahahahah ….. U FOOOOLLLLL…… hahahahahahah

    anttyk: It’s hard to appear brave and smart when you are holding that chicken-cover-face-crooked-legs pose. Hahahaha.

  6. Bila datuk T wanna deposits marnee dalam xxxxx

    anttyk: Huh??!??


    “….three decade old bugger”


    anttyk: Opps… Ter-shot my own foot methinks.

  8. Old man… 30 already dun talk so much lar….
    u think u still superman man… its super old man d…

    So, when wanna tie the knots? i wanna see loads of little Antass jumping in the RAV4 of yours… or maybe Estima??


    anttyk: Some people apparently cannot read properly. Sigh…

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