Hi, this is Dino. Dino the fuckasaurus.


Dino stands 11 centimeters tall and 18 centimeters long. Unlike other sauropods, Dino lacks a tail. He is quite upset by this fact, so let’s not tease him about it. Dino lives in my prison cubicle.

Dino is a happy and fulfilled dinosaur.

He has friends.


He surfs the internet regularly. Purely for research *cough* reasons.


He is a ladies man. He gets jiggy wit it. Every single night.


Most of all, Dino enjoys checking out hot chickadees. The loooong neck helps.


Dino is a really gay happy fellow. If you see him out in public, do not hesitate to say hi to him (or the nut he is attached to).

Thank you.


10 Responses

  1. the lsst picture was taken at a nice angle.

    anttyk: Purely accidental, I assure you.

  2. =_= ”

    anttyk: 😀

  3. you just as sic.

    anttyk: He he he.

  4. i like the last pic too….. Yummy yum yum


    anttyk: There’s one that’s even better, I didn’t put it up.

  5. Put lar…share share mar…. make us haaaappppeeeee….!!!

    anttyk: Bleak! Pffbbrrttt! No lar, scared TTJ kill me later…

  6. who is TTJ? why you so scared of that person?

    Dammit, just publish the damn picture!


    anttyk: TTJ is a sweet fairy who lives in the enchanted forest. She is the handmaiden to the Queen Fairy and helps her gather moondust every full moon night.

  7. who is Din?

    will not stop you from waiting though…. kekekeke

    anttyk: Din is an old hermaphrodite who lives in a cave filled with heffalumps and woozles. His hobbies include singing Negaraku, appreciating farts and making ear wax and booger sculptures.

  8. is ‘dino’ short for ‘din’? hehehehe

    anttyk: The thought did cross my mind… Parody?

  9. 9 – how can ‘dino’ be short for ‘din’? It’s already longer than that! Check your grammar man. LOL! :p

    Anttyk – Oh, you berani buat parody? I’ll give you a parody next time we play on green carpet….*evil grin*

    anttyk: Now that’s scary! I’m going to have nightmares tonight, man.

  10. TTJ is a Hot Gal who does Pole Dancing for her altered ego personality… Hot Hot Hot…… muahahaha


    anttyk: ??!?? I thought Jacko did the pole dancing?

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