Nerd Alert!

I was walking innocently to my regular mamak for tea with Lengus. Along the way, I spied a good-looking girl standing by the road.

Our gazes lock.

She smiles.

She approaches me.

By now, I can smell something fishy. I have grown accustomed to the fact that hot girls do not approach me. Ever. The ones that do always have something to sell. Sigh…

Pretty salesgirl: Come, come. We have new spectacles in our shop. New range. Very nice one.

anttyk: (Hesitant) Hmmm.

Pretty salesgirl: Sir, you buy one spectacles, you get me free…

anttyk: !!?!!

Now this is getting ridiculous. She said no such thing. Anyway, these Burberry black rimmed spectacles caught my attention.


Temptation is hard to resist. Arrgh. Stop me, somebody. 

Oooo… Nice. I have to put them on. Whoa!


Suddenly, everything looks 1950s cool…

What do you think? Nice or not?


14 Responses

  1. Dear Anttyk,
    Here’s a big dry smooch to you from a hot scouser chick who doesn’t charge for it 😀
    (I don’t exchange saliva, only bodily fluids :p)

    anttyk: *blushes and stares awkwardly at feet*

  2. hmmm….. make u look older…. gotta change that rims to something funkier… maybe u should consult Sir Elton John…. he has a nice collection of Rims…

    i think nowsdays he also collects for him and her collection of rims too…

    Matching one… 😀

    anttyk: Not nice meh? I was going for the honest, clean living nerdy look. 😦

  3. don’t wear that kinda look on the LRT, you might get smacked. ehhe

    anttyk: Hmph!

  4. you look like a crazy 30-year old bugger. who happens to look liek a tit.


    anttyk: Not yet 30. Not yet 30. Not yet 30. Not yet 30. Not yet 30. Not yet 30. Not yet 30. Not yet 30. Not yet 30. Not yet 30. Not yet 30. Not yet 30. Not yet 30. Not yet 30. Not yet 30. So there.

  5. ok, so maybe another 5 days? 😉

    anttyk: *BUUUZZZZ* Wrong. It’s 3.

  6. u look funny & sor chai….but cute!

    anttyk: tyty.

  7. Are you sure it is the spec caught your attention? or the good-looking lady!

    anttyk: Eh heh heh. Both.

  8. don’t bring it to futsal.. same response u’d get in the LRT like KY mentioned.


    anttyk: Sigh… You won’t believe the flak I got for buying these pair of spectacles. Everyone seems to hate it, my girlfriend let me have it BIG time.

    Guess I’ll just shove it into a deep, dark drawer then… 😦

  9. don’t be sad…wear it when there’s no one see you lor…. :p

    anttyk: 😦

  10. I think those rimless or your old rim looks better on you… this one…u should pass it to me… i would look better in it… 😀

    anttyk: Sure boh? You can try… Hot Mama actually looks good with the specs.

  11. i saw SMART project hehehehehe

    anttyk: Huh?

  12. Wah, so metrosexual. Saya sangat teruja, hahah. But how come u never wear it the past few days? Jangan malu2, kita mesti bangga dengan kemaluan kita (whatever the heck that’s the supposed to mean). Nice to see my metrosexuality rubbing onto you. Wear those speckies, k?

    anttyk: I shy.

  13. Shy my ass!!!

    anttyk: Your ass very shy one meh? You stick it everywhere, mooning innocent people… *shudder*

  14. oppsss…
    what i meant was….

    Antass shy?? Shy my ass lar….

    anttyk: Naturally. Upon seeing your furry little ass, I sure shy one.

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