The Other Side

Trepidation. Over-the-bukit. Mature. Ageing. Hair loss. Charlie Chickadee. Loneliness. Misery. Melancholy. Nostalgia. Anxiety. Redundancy.

Old, old, old. Oooooooooooooooooooooldddd…..

These words are significant to me these days.



9 Responses

  1. Did you just have your birthday? Have been periodically scanning through… hang in there!

    anttyk: No, not yet. I am still in my twenties…

    People: How old are you?

    Me: Twenty-nine.

    Repeat ad infinitum.


  2. DUDE!!!

    chill man…the saying is super duper true…age is…but a…number (gasp!)…and you’re a more than perfect example of this adage…

    its how u feel inside that really matters and shines through…corny but true…

    acting ur age is overated, act as old as u feel…no one can make u feel older than u are inside

    anttyk: Thanks man for the kind words.

  3. mature is a looooooooot better than manure innit :p ‘happy birthday’ in order?

    anttyk: Haha, Lils. Very true. Thanks.

  4. “hv a toon-tastic birthday, u geordie scum!”

    -from ur friendly neighbourhood scouser (red half). :p

    anttyk: Thank you. Oh and can I have my hubcaps and my stereo and my tv back?

  5. hill is like.. 50 ok.

    anttyk: You put your right hand in,
    You put your right hand out;
    You put your right hand in,
    And you shake it all about.
    You do the Hokey-Pokey,
    And you turn yourself around.
    That’s what it’s all about!


  6. that ‘boy’ looks like ninja turtle ….. spec is the mask turtle wears.

    anttyk: It’s me lor…. Botak-ing and specky. 😦

  7. hmmmmm…….
    Whatever it is, Antass will be also be the Antass that i know…..
    Be what you are… be true…

    anttyk aka antass: I will… Yesterday, today, forever… antass is the same, all may change but antass never… lalalalalaaaaa…

  8. Happy birthday dude! You’re the kewlest. Your age may be 30, but you’ll always be 17 to us =))

    Why so worried abt being 30? I’ll be joining you soon into the 3rd decade club next year in January – that’s just 5 months from now.

    anttyk: Thank you for the kind words man. *sniff sniff* – Esakan terharu.

  9. Ala 30 is just a figure only… look at me… i’m also in the 3rd decade d… for 5 months d… so, what’s the ploblem…3 no wollies lar…. asalkan we are young at heart and don’t act like a [CENSORED] pretending to be a nice approachable and caring person, that is good d…

    anttyk: I know. Somehow the figure seems very significant, a point of no return.

    Sorry about the editing. 🙂

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