Who Wants Cake?

Coconut and pineapple meringue cake from Bakerzin in Bangsar Village.


Close up.


Let’s cut a piece out.


Goes very well with tea.




9 Responses

  1. First to comment 😀

    Looks like you had a delicious birthday. Was it a delicious weekend too ?*wink, wink*

    anttyk: Lily, it was. 😉

  2. Wei, old man…don’t eat too much sweet food… u are no longer young anymore ok?? ….

    Anyway, Hapi Birthday Bro….

    I’ll celebrate with u a belated one when i am back to Malaysia… i mug of beer or ale??? Newcastle Ale… i check whether i can get it over here or not first… if got, then u are in luck… good enough??

    anttyk: Thank you brother. 🙂

  3. i lup coconut cake wan

    did u received the cake i send yday?

    anttyk: Very nice, thank you. *slaps forehead*

  4. Vinass, you are as old hor….. kekeke

    Anttyk, you can’t live without coconut.
    Happy birthday!

    anttyk: Thanks TTJ! Nyah… 🙂

  5. happy birthday dude.

    this week got futsal? if got i buy u 100 Plus 😛

    anttyk: Thanks man. This Thursday is Merdeka Day, dunno whether the fellas want to play…

  6. even though you a toon supporter, and you sometimes say the darnest things…. -_-”


    …..happy birthday 3 decade old bugger. heh.

    anttyk: Thank you Din-o. Heh heh heh.

  7. birthday? happi birthday man!

    anttyk: Thank you.

  8. yeah, unlikely they’ll play.

    so you’re a virgoan huh? me too 😉

    anttyk: Yeah, I think so too. Maybe next week?

  9. hrmm..now only i know you kindda like coconut heh? hehe

    anttyk: I am nuts about coconuts.

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