Nice Ears

Three hours of watching *that* wedding dinner on TV3.

A look of incredulity is permanently etched on my face. 

I am traumatised.

And bored.

Nothing to do now… Sigh.

Idle hands are damn troublesome, always up to something idiotic.

On the other hand, I like socks!

They keep my ears warm.


Smells like cheese too. I like it. Mmmm.

I need help.


8 Responses

  1. *toot toot*

    Hello? Hospital Sakit Mental? It looks like we have a problem here….

    anttyk: Heh. Heh. *shit, those voices in my head again* Urgh.

  2. go get a room la u two… heh.

    anttyk: Wanna join us?

  3. have the men in white jacket been around lately?

    anttyk: I have ways of eluding them. Yes. Those voices in my head tell me what to do.

  4. Goofy?

    anttyk: Uh-hyuk! Opps, forgot my hat.

  5. Wey, you should’ve watched the other channel dude! More drama & human emotion, haha…

    anttyk: I know, I know. Watching ants crawl up the wall would have been more interesting too.

  6. THAT wedding is a disgrace to the nation…. PPL here called that woman a “Husband Snatcher” and the way those ppl back home televised it and make it a Grand thingy.. is just too much.. that shows how we Malaysian are proud of the wrong results that we achieve…

    Sigh… Malaysia Semua Pon Boleh…!!

    anttyk: Sigh… I admit, we do seem to have this habit of harping on mediocre achievements. It’s as if we cannot envisage bigger visions – thus, we settle for cheap and fast fixes.

    However, calling the wedding a disgrace may be going a bit overboard. It’s unneccesary, granted.

  7. Shit lar…. what am i ranting about these… its pointless too… since the Deposits have been given after the wedding d… Nasi Sudah Jadi Bubur d….

    Nights fellars…

    anttyk: Old already. Rambling on and on and on and on…

  8. How’s Malaysia been treating an oldie like u now? Good? Miss home though.. the satays, hokkien mee, and mamaks…. sigh…

    anttyk: Good, good. *scratches head and mutters to himself*

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