Took this picture in London. Ferrari Enzo. Only 400 units ever made. Market price: approx. USD1,100,000.

And this genius joker decided to park his monster on a disabled parking spot.

Sigh… He’s got a ticket though. Wonder if he paid up…


3 Responses

  1. ohmigod, that is so gorgeous!!! but hogging disabled parking spot?? so not cool.

    anttyk: Agreed.

  2. Perhaps the driver was disabled, eh? Disabled in the brain, hehe.. Anyways, only insane ppl would buy & drive a Ferrari Enzo. I mean, look at the (lack of) ground clearence. How do you seriously expect to drive it over speed humps and when going up & down parking lot floors?

    anttyk: If I could afford one of these things, I would drive it out too. :o)

  3. i just went to take a leak and kena a ticket. sial betul.. yes, i paid the fine too.

    anttyk: Cheh! How much was the fine?

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