Farewell Crocodile Hunter!

This is my tribute to the Crocodile Hunter.

Steve wrestling crocodiles in heaven,

Soft breeze eases all pain,

Sweet and soothing as the summer’s rain,

So long, and may we meet again.



Yeah, I know it’s not a crocodile.


8 Responses

  1. it’s not kermit’s fault..!

    dun rape kermit!

    kermit: Ya! I agree. it’s not my fault! Don’t bully me! :p *ribbit ribbit*

  2. Can’t u differentiate a frog from a crocodile…? senile 30 year old man!!

    anttyk: *cocks Magnum sniper rifle, takes aim…* *BANG!!!* – clean headshot…

  3. hahahah… looks really dodgy dude!!!

    anttyk: 😦

  4. very touching. we will all miss the croc hunter!

    anttyk: My sentiments exactly. I felt really sad that he is no longer with us. Life is so ironic.

  5. i don’t know if i should laugh or mourn after reading this 😛

    anttyk: You can do both. I am sure this would be a good way to remember him.

  6. Poor kermit. Goodbye naughty boy Steve Irwin. In memory of you, I will stop eating croc meat, blechhhhh…..

    anttyk: No brown coloured alligator shoes for you. :p

  7. ANTHONY ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t EVER do that to my KERMIT!!!!!!!!!

    anttyk: I was good to him.   :p

  8. Kermit’s Owner… its too late d… i suggest that u better go home and check Kermit’s back.. see whether additional holes there or not… you would not know what he would have done to Kermit.. 😀

    anttyk: *sharpens butcher knives*

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