Happy Birthday Muks!


My little sis, have a truly blessed and happy birthday!


13 Responses

  1. i LOVE that calender on the wall 😉

    anttyk: Me too. I just realised it… Ha ha ha.

  2. tsk tsk tsk

    anttyk: It’s my dad’s calendar. 🙂

  3. Happy birthday Emily … your cake looks yummy yummy 🙂

  4. scared to show recent photo of your sis isit?

    anttyk: Scared may be too drastic a word. Slightly apprehensive maybe? :p

  5. Hey Emily, Happi Birthday…Hope everything is fine over there.

  6. By the way, its that Tony standing beside u?? why is he wearing woman’s camisole????? hahahahaha… sorry Tony, just can’t resist having a go at u today… anyway, Friday just around the korner… I’ll be quite busy this weekend.. Dunno why i submitted my name for a tennis tournament which i regret now… 2 whole day under the damn hot sun…with my doubles partner… Dah la not hot chick, its a 40 years old aunty…. sigh… why oh why….??

    anttyk: Grrrrrrrrrr……..

  7. The photo remind me of my Mum birthday photo when she was kid time..

    Same age ah?

    anttyk: Yes. *puts on a very serious face*

  8. looks like anton started balding at a VERY young age…genetics they say, is ageless…

    p/s: is your father interested in selling his calender collection – it has to be a collection, once you start on those things, you don’t stop.

    anttyk: Sniff, sniff… I think my dad’s collection of pervy 70s and 80s calendars have been disposed off. Mum cannot tahan them, I think.

  9. cheh..i damn dumb..i was wondering how come your lil sis is so much younger than you :p

    anttyk: Hahaha. Photo was taken in 1980.

  10. Hahah i do realize i see some signs of baldness

    anttyk: 😦

  11. Both you and your sister resemble each other alot, in the picture…. now, I am not too sure.

    Still keeping the radio and ‘CD player’ (not sure what that is called in those days)? Preeccciiiiooooouuusssssssssss

    anttyk: We look quite different now. Dunno why. Someone must have abducted my sister and replaced her with a clone. Damn aliens.

  12. I’ve got too much steak and mushroom pie and more hair mah.

    anttyk: Hmm… I still think it’s those damn aliens.

  13. might b too late..hephi atuk dei

    anttyk: Too late… Sniff. Sniff. Damn aliens.

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