The Jam, the Stall, the Mackers… and kok


Rothmans roundabout. Hell on earth when it rains. Especially gruelling if you have the runs and you really need to go. Badly…

Selfish. Selfish. Selfish. Let me exit laaaaaaaa

= = =


siao yue and lalamui’s stall was a resounding success! Thank you all for the support! They are open next Thursday (September 14, 2006). If you haven’t seen their stuff, go there! You will regret it if you don’t. 

Girls, drag your boyfriends, husbands, showerheads or toyboys there. Get them to buy you some erm nice sparkly stuff.

You deserve it.


Jacko started parading himself around with the bracelets. He’s a strange one.

= = =


I had MacDonald’s last night.

Argghhh! Shit. Shit. Shit.

There’s no other food to be had at Plaza Mont Kiara.

Porridge tastes like its made with salt and a bit of rice. I hate the stupid gay clown and all his evil spawn.

= = =

Here is a man with a big cock.



Have a good weekend guys!


8 Responses

  1. the dude looks abit the.. ghey. hehe

    anttyk: Haha. The thought did cross my mind.

  2. mcdonalds??!?!?!

    anttyk: Sigh… *bangs head on wall many many times, hard* No choice. Max hungry, no other food available. You know la, when Max hungry…

  3. there is still Deli Flance….. chopstick nuudles, and some other stuffs right… y Mackers?

    anttyk: It was already 10.30 pm. All tutup. 😦

  4. WTF? they called that shit porridge?

    anttyk: I did… Yuck, yuck, yuck. Ptui, ptui, ptui…

  5. Then just go over to Sri Hartamas to tapau lar or walk over to coffeebean just opposite Plaza Mont Kiara only mar….


    anttyk: Read siao yue’s comments below…

  6. Vince…anton is lazy and OLD…how cna an old man still walk to sri hartamas after futsal….the bones would be loose already

    anttyk: Ha! Look whose talking.

  7. Who’s the chick next to Siao Yue in the 2nd photo? Looks quite decent from here, hehe..

    Eh, if you guys were hungry, could’ve gone to the stall next to theirs. Think he was selling keropok or something.

    anttyk: You have met her before. siao yue’s best friend… Name starts with an S?

  8. Wah… Very bright lah your HID lights in the 1st photo.

    anttyk: Heh heh… The magic of photoshop…

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