Muks’ New Place

Muks has a new place in London. It is really, really nice.

If you look carefully, you can spy a little black bunny in the flower pot.


Somebody buy me a ticket to the United Kingdom so I can stay here. Can?

I miss Muks. 😦


9 Responses

  1. Wow. A place with a decent garden in London. Priceless…..

    anttyk: I know…

  2. Hey Muks,

    Nice Place… Speeechless… better than the last one..

  3. u sure u wanna go London, and not Newcastle-upon-Tyne? 😉

    anttyk: Haha. Don’t have relatives there.

  4. I thought that Micheal Owen was a long lost cousin of your’s, no? He has the same hair as you do, hehe…. Of course, you look better.

    anttyk: Hahahahaa. *falls off chair laughing* Just wait till Lily reads this. She’ll have a fit! 😉

  5. When shall I be expecting you with all your worldly possessions?

    anttyk: As soon as you can say ‘Jack Robinson’. 😉

  6. Oik! You can throw Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom in a blender and they still won’t come out looking as yummy as MY Owen! Capish? *phbbbbbbbbbbbbbbt* 😛

    anttyk: Ah ha ha. See Hensemboyverylongandexhaustivenick? The wrath of Lily cometh!!! :p

  7. Hello~!! Just stumbled into your blog! Weiwei… I’m at Newcastle~ When are u coming over?

    anttyk: Buy me a ticket, I’ll be there in a flash! How are studies coming along?

  8. Hang-me-now-it’s-more-humane kind of schedual…. *sigh* But it’s expected~ If masters were easy, everyone would do it, right?! *grins*

    anttyk: Hang in there! I’ll visit you end of this year, maybe. I’ll try.

  9. Oh no! I’ll be off in London more probably by the end of this year!! Course ends September~ So unless I fail….. *turns pale*

    anttyk: Oh good. I can see you and Muks then… Don’t worry. You’ll do well. The Tais always do. 😉

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