My left foot

I lily beh tahan elevators.

I cannot stand the awkward silences.

The twiddling of thumbs. The vacant stares. Time stands still. The fake smiles.

Sigh. *muttering to myself*

I look down…

??!?? Ui! ??!??

How come my left foot so funny angle wan?

Wahlau. Last time small, I also stand like that…




14 Responses

  1. i like your expression, exactly like this:


    anttyk: Spiller, haha. You’re right.

  2. You could try breaking wind. That ought to get a mutter out of a few people.

    anttyk: Right. I’ll try that tomorrow. 😉

  3. Dude. It looks like you’re wearing a pinafore. Haha…. Luckily got shorts below =) And, OK Micheal Owen does not share any resemblance to you whatsoever. Lily would approve of that statement.

    anttyk: Oik! What pinafore. It’s a uniform. -_-

  4. wah the girl on the far left looks angry man…like big lady boss…
    eh…better check where and what is she doing now….HAHA…maybe really become lady boss…or some big time officer man…hahah

    anttyk: I can’t remember who she is. Sadly.

  5. the guy next to u also stand like you wht..
    is tht a school for the funny left footer?

    anttyk: Yup. Damn aliens made us stand like that.

  6. wtf? your uniform looks really gay, but considering that u were in kindy, i’ll let it slide this time round. :p

    anttyk: Gay meh? Where got? Pinafores are HOT.

  7. Looks like he is from the cast of Sound of Music….. The Hills are alive…with the sound of music…….

    :-)… cheers bro

    anttyk: Oh ya hor… The uniform looks a bit like lederhosens. Hmm… Where’s my beer?

  8. By the way, don’t worry, if u look closely, Mr Beckham also stand like that whenever he performs his stupendous free kicks… well, now u can try that stance in the pitch since u have practising that stance since young.. should be no probs for u then..


    Wish me luck.. tonight I’ll be playing in Table Tennis Semi Finals in the IAFG games (Kiasuland version).. in 2 weeks time, it’ll be quarterfinals of Tennis.. also IAFG…

    anttyk: You can do it! Kick some kiasu person’s butt. 你是最棒的,你知道吗!

  9. Darjah berape was it??
    The other boy’s foot oso like dat ape..
    and the far left(?) girl,wahlau weh..
    look at her hands,garang betul

    but,cute though

    anttyk: Kinderdarten. I was 5 when the picture was taken. I now remember the girl’s name – Angela. Haha.

  10. -_- -> spiller, you are damn right! never come to think about it…. LMAO

    =_= -> got abit of eyeball lar

    anttyk: Poking fun at my face now, issit? 😦

  11. anton, you looked like a girl.

    anttyk: Woi!!!

  12. eh..are u trying to look cute ke?

    And, no, I still don’t see the resemblance :p

    anttyk: Michael is short. Me also short. There. Got a bit of resemblance. 🙂

  13. chim kindergarten?

    anttyk: Haha, not really. Just a normal kindy named Saint Patrick’s.

  14. Table Tennis update… we kicked PWC and KPMG’s ass but lost to Deloitte Team A.. they practically have 5 players from China.. so instead of us kicking their ass, we got slaughtered..

    So, we have to settle for number 2 spot… Next week will be tennis.

    anttyk: Better luck next time!

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