Work and Skiing


Learning to ski is painful.

Muscles I did not know I had were wracked and protesting, loudly. Entertaining other people with my impression of the guy endowed with three balls – bowlegged and goblin-like was comical at first. But gets old rather quickly.

Shuffle. Shuffle.

My ankles hurt. And butt too. Falling on snow is not fun. It’s wet and cold and it hurts like hell.

After a while, skiing becomes easier, that is, I no longer found myself flat on my back with a wet butt and feeling like a tit every other minute.

Skiing becomes fun, exhilarating even, wet butt, sore ankles, wobbly knees and all.

Work, on the other hand, is totally different.

Master your work. If you must. Get better at it, and the boss gives you more. There’s plenty more where that came from.

But where’s the fun? Huh? Sigh. Nowhere to be seen.

I’d rather be skiing.


9 Responses

  1. was it in Corea?

    anttyk: German Alps. 🙂

  2. Back to the Alps again… y ski… y didn’t u try running around like Maria… singing for the Von Trapp family… 🙂

    anttyk: Liesl von Trapp is damn hot!

  3. noob, whole day and u were still at the bunny hill?

    anttyk: Haha. Paiseh. One day bunny hill, next day ski run proper already. Fell from the stupid ski lift a couple of times though…

  4. Yeah, I think the hardest thing about skiing is getting off the ski lifts… We stopped it… err… how many times? 3?

    anttyk: I think it was 4. Sigh. Little german kids of 5 or 6 seem to have no trouble with the lift at all, it’s just us – clumsy oafs.

  5. Save some Cash, we go there again somewhere next year, me planning to do that, .. How is your Bali trip at year end? is it still on?

    anttyk: Dunno leh.

  6. I’ve never managed to learn to ski. I’m hopeless uncoordinated. But the instructor was cute 😀

    anttyk: I had a German instructor who can’t speak English. All he kept saying was, “genow, genow.” Which means good.

  7. skiing is kickass! i’ve discovered outside the european alps and US, japan is excellent. Shorter journey and cheaper.

    Checkout the Club Med in Hokkaido for ski specials.

    anttyk: Thank’s for the tip! 😉

  8. snowboarding pwns skiing anytime! 😛

    anttyk: Skiing is technically harder.

  9. Learning something new is fun and there will always be hardships, but soon after you learn the basics fun will truly dominate. No pain no gain.


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